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IT-Ready Alumni Program

Success Continues After IT-Ready

The strong and supportive relationships we build with IT-Ready students don’t end upon their graduation and employment. IT-Ready provides alumni benefits that encourage continued professional growth and development – and offers ways alumni can “pay it forward” and help other deserving individuals.  

Rasmussen College has partnered with Creating IT Futures to offer a 20% discount on all Rasmussen College Programs for IT-Ready graduates that are CompTIA A+ certified. Programs are offered throughout Minnesota, Illinois and other national locations, as well as an online option. Plus, enroll in the Rasmussen College School of Technology programs and, in addition to your 20% discount, the courses Hardware and Software I and Hardware and Software II will be waived toward completion for qualifying students with CompTIA A+ certificates. To learn more, email or call 763-496-4596.

IT-Ready graduates who complete the 8-week program and pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams may qualify for additional IT training at no personal expense. IT-Ready offers free online study materials and exam vouchers for CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications. This benefit can save an alumnus hundreds of dollars in study materials and exam fees.

IT-Ready alumni who want to take advantage of these benefits should contact Karin Nordmeyer.

We strongly encourage IT-Ready alumni to “pay it forward.” Someone cared enough to give you a new career opportunity. Will you help someone else experience the possibilities of an IT career? There are a number of ways you can volunteer:
  1. Speak to an IT-Ready class about your experience.
  2. Help with a networking or fundraising event.
  3. Blog about your success with IT-Ready.
  4. Mentor an IT-Ready student.
  5. Help spread the word: refer people who might benefit for the IT Ready Program and your employer who is looking to fill an IT position.
And, of course, financial contributions used to offset the cost of the IT-Ready classroom experience always are welcome. Your donation can help someone else in need succeed in IT.

Contact Kathy Brennan to give back or volunteer.

Check our events page for upcoming alumni events, and sign up for our alumni LinkedIn group.

Creating IT Futures

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