Metrics for Success

Metrics for Success

NextUp’s approach relies heavily on early experimentation and exploration. As we weigh options and shape efforts in the coming years, metrics will greatly help us further develop our initiative, education modules and mentorship program.

Our goal is to partner with organizations that already are thinking about and collecting metrics in a meaningful way. Their existing metrics and data will help us to gauge how effective they are at creating excitement, interest and passion in STEM topics and skills. Our desire to partner with these organizations largely rests on their ability to fulfill that goal. A history of data and an established methodology for collecting it helps us to gauge a partner’s effectiveness.

We also will monitor success metrics for goals more specifically related to NextUp:

  • Grow awareness of and engagement in technology and tech opportunities among middle school and early high school students.
  • Provide strong tech role models who will share their knowledge and passion for technology with youth.
  • Gather educational material, knowledge, and best practices from partnerships, which will later be developed into CompTIA’s own curriculum and modules; or acquire partner organizations that will become part of the CompTIA/Creating IT Futures family.
  • Grow and scale the program.
Our short-term metric is to grow awareness of and engagement in technology and tech opportunities among middle and early high school students. Over the long term, the primary goal of NextUp is to engage with students while they are in the dreamer stage, but we realize that what comes next for them is just as crucial. We will be mindful that the journey of these students toward an IT career has just begun and that there needs to be thought given to their next stage of growth. We will collect as much data as possible on the choices that students make moving into 10th grade and beyond.

  • Are students continuing their education in this field by taking additional tech-related courses or taking advantage of other offers within the organization?
  • Are students landing in technology-related jobs post-graduation?
  • Are students enrolling in technology-related fields of study post-graduation?
By Year 1, we hope to have reached 300 students and activated 50 mentors. By Year 2, we aim to reach 1,000 students and activated 100 mentors. By Year 3, we’ll grow the program to 5,000 students and 150 mentors. By Year 4, we hope to hit our ultimate goal of reaching 10,000 students and activating 200 mentors.

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