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Through our IT-Ready program, we deliver low-risk, high-reward graduates to employers to work full-time. Recruitment, screening, background checks, training and certification are paid for by IT-Ready. You, the employer, provide work experience that helps new industry entrants get started in their IT careers.

Participating employers number in the dozens and include such recognized names as HealthPartners, Pomeroy, TEKsystems, Time Warner Cable, and JPMorgan Chase. By offering employment, these companies get the benefit of motivated, skilled entry-level workers, while simultaneously helping people who need opportunities achieve sustainable careers.

The benefits employers reap from IT-Ready include:
  • No hiring fees or commissions.
  • IT-Ready applicants are pre-screened and vetted with the Workplace Personality Inventory as well as literacy and math tests.
  • Graduates complete a formal IT training curriculum that lasts 8 weeks, and covers both technical and softer professional skills.
  • Graduates are CompTIA A+ certified.
  • Employers don't pay for screenings, training or certifications.
Technical skills of graduates include:
  • Operating system installation and upgrading
  • Installing and imaging virtual machines
  • Data storage
  • Peripheral devices
  • Safety and maintenance
  • Assembly and disassembly of hardware
  • Computer networks
  • Internet security
  • Troubleshooting
Graduates are trained in professional skills including communication and presentation; conflict management; teamwork and collaboration; and critical thinking and problem solving.

Most businesses employ their graduates in roles such as computer service technician, help desk technician, network support technician, field support technician and service center technician.

Employers interview candidates to decide which one fits best with their company’s culture. The employer is expected to directly pay the IT-Ready graduate a wage of at least $12 to $15 an hour; our program does not receive any fees, commissions or percentage of the worker’s pay.

Some companies make the graduate a temporary or contract employee, while others choose to hire the graduate on a full-time, permanent basis right from the start. Whatever your model, the goal is to give IT-Ready graduates practical, real-life work experiences that will bolster their resumes and improve their chances of being hired.

Graduates are prepared to apply their learned skills starting the first day of work. Their ability to show up on time for the length of their training shows their resolve and allows us to make a good match with an employer. While graduates are on the job, IT-Ready program staff stay in close contact with graduates and company representatives to ensure that all goes well and to advise graduates as necessary.

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Interested employers can get in touch with IT-Ready through our contact form, or email Kate Kirschner, Employer Solutions Manager.

Employer Feedback

"As an employer, I am looking for people who are truly passionate about IT — who drive themselves to learn more and be better in their field. IT-Ready does an excellent job of vetting such people — passionate, intelligent, willing-to-learn people."
— Guy Guckenberger Jr., general manager of MTCI's IT consulting division in Cincinnati.

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