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Hire an Intern

Hire an Intern

IT employers need to expand their workforce pipelines. Students need real-work experiences to help them navigate education and career paths. Internships help bridge the connections between students and employers.

At Creating IT Futures, we work with the Chicago Public Schools’ Early College STEM Schools (ECSS) program to create internships for employers. The Early College STEM Schools have many highly motivated interns poised to make an immediate contribution to your organization. With more than 150 students representing a diverse mix of backgrounds, experiences, and academic disciplines, you can find candidates to match your needs.

The students possess a combination of “tech-ready” and “work-ready” skills, and many are simultaneously taking college IT courses in one of ECSS’ technology pathways: Networking, computer science or web development. As such, they bring a high level of maturity and motivation to their internships.

Our research developed the 4Ps of successful internships and several internship models, showing ways in which any employer can offer valuable internships.

Each summer, 100+ students across five Chicago Public Schools' Early College STEM Schools participate in paid, skills-based internships, gaining valuable business and career experience. Watch a short video summarizing the ECSS internship experience. Plus, check out the “shout-outs” from the students to their teachers and employers, and see some of the video and web work the students accomplished during the summer.

If you’d like to be a mentor in Chicago, contact Anderson Lee, Relationship Manager, Creating IT Futures.

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We help populations that are under-represented in IT and individuals who are lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in IT careers.


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