IT-Ready Hiring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1

    What is IT-Ready?

    IT-Ready assesses, trains, certifies and places adults in tech careers in as little as 8 weeks. IT-Ready is a full-time, classroom-based training program that prepares students in both technical and employability skills for entry-level tech careers. We work with students one-on-one all the way through the program, from recruitment to employment, and then engage them in continuing education and alumni experiences.

  • Q2

    What’s the purpose of IT-Ready?

    Creating IT Futures built the IT-Ready career program to help individuals in need and under-represented in the tech industry prepare for, secure and be successful in tech careers. IT-Ready also supplies dedicated and diversified candidates to employers for their entry-level tech jobs.

  • Q3

    What technical skills do IT-Ready graduates learn?

    IT-Ready Technical Support graduates have learned operating system installation and upgrading, installing and imaging virtual machines, data storage, peripheral devices, safety and maintenance, assembly and disassembly of hardware, computer networks, Internet security, and troubleshooting.

  • Q4

    What professional skills do IT-Ready graduates learn?

    All IT-Ready graduates learn employability skills such as communication and presentation, conflict management, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Q5

    What certifications do IT-Ready graduates have?

    IT-Ready Technical Support graduates train and test for the CompTIA A+ certification.  

  • Q6

    What jobs can IT-Ready graduates do?

    Most businesses employ IT-Ready Technical Support graduates in roles such as computer service technician, help desk technician, network support technician, field support technician and service center technician.

  • Q7

    How does IT-Ready pre-screen its students?

    IT-Ready applicants are pre-screened and vetted with a Workplace Personality Inventory assessment as well as literacy and math tests and personal face-to-face interviews. After an extensive prescreening process and more than 240 hours of training, they arrive on Day One certified and prepared for most entry-level tech roles.

  • Q8

    How do students pay for IT-Ready training?

    All IT-Ready courses are underwritten by grants and financial donations, so that students can attend classes for free.

  • Q9

    How do employers select which graduates to hire and how are they paid?

    IT-Ready graduates are local to your business. Employers interview graduates to decide which one fits best with their company’s culture. Employers make offers directly to the graduates they choose. Our graduates’ ability to show up on time for the length of their IT-Ready training shows their resolve and allows us to make a good match with an employer. The employer is expected to directly pay the IT-Ready graduate a wage of at least $12 to $15 an hour; IT-Ready does not receive any fees, commissions or percentage of the worker’s pay.